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Gene Transcription Easily

As a leader in Protein derived iPS (PiPS) cells technology, LD Biopharma, Inc. committed to provide our customers more “Recombinant TFs” to regulate a specific gene transcription pathway.

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Recombinant TF Proteins

Our recombinant Transcription Factor (TF) was made from E.coli derived inclusion body using refolding technology, as active protein with cell membrane penetration domain fusion.

Customer Recombinant Proteins

Customer Service Project for Specific Recombinant Proteins Production. Possibility of Regulating Gene Transcription and Epigenomic Status using Protein Reagent

* TF-11R Customer Service Brochure

* TF-11R Customer Service Terms

* sFV Customer Service project.

Other Proteins and Reagents

More ES / Stem cell / Cancer Stem cell research reagents on its way...

* Cancer Related Recombinant Proteins Discovery and Manufacture project.

* VTN as Coating Matrix Protein.

News & Technicals

LD Biopharma has launched newly developed human ES cell friendly DNA transfection kit

[05.04.12] | LD Biopharma Inc today announced that it has launched new polymer-derived in vitro transfection reagents, HyFectin LD1.0 DNA transfection kit, specifically developed for delivering DNA into difficult-...


CalAsia and LD Biopharma have agreed to provide integrated discovery services for structure-based

[17.11.11] | Nov 17, 2011. CalAsia and LD Biopharma have agreed to provide integrated discovery services for structure-based and fragment-based drug discovery. CalAsia and LD Biopharma (both at San Diego, USA) ha...


New Product Release:

ES Culture Quality Vitronectin, $48.5/500ug.


Recombinant Cas9-NTS Protein

[BRP-1510-7] CRISPR-Cas9 systems have shown tremendous promise as heterologous tools for genome editing and transcriptional regulation. CRISPR (clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeat) is an adaptive immune system that provides protection against ...

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ProFectinTM Intracellular Protein Delivery Reagent

[R-2000] ProFectin is a new generation of lipid-based protein delivery reagent optimized for recombinant protein intracellular delivery into mammalian cells to provide following advantages: • High efficiency in many cell type and formats. At least 3 fol ...

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