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CHE_0514 HyFectin LD1.0 DNA Transfection Reagent $165

HyFectin LD1.0 DNA Transfection Reagent

Product Name: HyFectin LD1.0 DNA Transfection Reagent
Catalog #:  CHE_0514
Manufacture:  LD Biopharma, Inc.

HyFectin LD1.0 is a new generation of polymer-based plasmid DNA transfection reagent optimized for DNAs delivery into mammalian cells to provide following advantages:

• High transfection efficiency in many cell types and formats. Comparable with the leading brand Lipofectamine 2000 / FuGene 6.

• Lower toxicity than the leading brands Lipofectamine 2000 / FuGene 6.

• There is no need to remove DNA-HyFectin complexes or change medium after transfection.

• The transfection complexes can be added directly to cells in culture medium, in the presence or absence of serum.

• Affordability: One ml of HyFectin LD1.0 can typically be used for 330 transfections when using 1µg plasmid DNA per well of a 6-well culture plate.


The ratio of HyFectin LD1.0 to plasmid DNA is fixed at 3 µl HyFectin LD1.0 for 1µg plasmid DNA in 30 – 50 µl of dilution buffer. HyFectin LD1.0 is formulated in a ready-to use format. All users need to do is to add DNA and mix. After 15 minutes room temperature incubation, the transfection mix can be added to cells.

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Package Size:  Kit   
Composition: 1. HyFectin LD1.0 solution: 1 ml, supplied as a sterile filtered solution
2. Dilution Buffer: 30 ml
3. Transfection-ready Control DNA: 1 µg CMV_eGFP DNA in 10 µl TE buffer.
Storage: stable at both 4°C and - 20°C
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