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LD Biopharma, Inc. (LDB) is a privately held, development stage biotechnology company. We are developing an innovative technology in Stem Cell science field. This technology regulates stem cell differentiation by controlling its specific gene transcription and niche microenvironments. We apply our strategies to medically-relevant and commercially-attractive opportunities.

Differentiation of stem cell into a specific lineage or trans-differentiation between two different cell types is controlled by step-wise shifting of gene transcription regulation and microenvironments, such as matrix-cell receptor interactions niche. Precisely controlling transcription factor (TF) activities and creating a unique matrix-protein for cell culture coating are two major tools for regulating a specific stem cell differentiation in time and space.

By systematically engineering a human cell type specific TF protein which carries a cell membrane penetration domain (CPD) using unique protein refolding technology, scientists can simply add purified recombinant TF proteins into cell culture media to delivery TF proteins into target cell nuclei to regulate cell differentiation. Generating mouse & human iPS cell from skin fibroblasts using four recombinant TF proteins demonstrated the power of “intracellular delivery of recombinant protein”. Additionally, experience in engineering human protein using E.coli derived inclusion body refolding technology also allows us to rapidly generate a rich pipeline of different recombinant human matrix proteins for development of “niche coating materials”.

Combination of gene transcription regulation with selection of unique/defined coating matrix = Controlling cell differentiation in time & space.

Currently, more than 325 human cell-type specific recombinant TF and 200 matrix proteins are under production and will be released as research reagents on monthly basis. We welcome customer input and encourage researchers to contact us with requests for specific recombinant TF or matrix protein development to meet their research interests and reagent requirements.

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