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HRP-2653 Recombinant Human PI3 Protein $200

Recombinant Human PI3 Protein

Product Name: Recombinant Human PI3 Protein
Catalog #:  HRP-2653
Manufacture:  LD Biopharma, Inc.

Human peptidase inhibitor 3; PI3 (also named as Elafin) gene encodes a secreted protein, which is neutrophil and pancreatic elastase-specific inhibitor of skin. PI3 may prevent elastase-mediated tissue proteolysis. PI3 functions as an anti-microbial peptide against Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, and fungal pathogens. The protein contains a WAP-type four-disulfide core (WFDC) domain, and is thus a member of the WFDC domain family. Most WFDC gene members are localized to chromosome 20q12-q13 in two clusters: centromeric and telomeric. Expression of this gene is up-gulated by bacterial lipopolysaccharides and cytokines.
PI3 was detected in its highest expression level in low esophagus mucosa.

Full-length mature form of human PI3 cDNA ( 61 – 117aa ) was constructed with codon optimization gene synthesis and expressed with a human alpha Fetal Protein N-terminal (AFPn) -His-TEV cleavage site Tag (217aa) fusion at its N-terminal in E.coli as inclusion bodies. The final product was refolded using our unique “temperature shift inclusion body refolding” technology and chromatographically purified.

Gene Symbol:  PI3 Elafin ( Elafin; ESI; WAP3; WFDC14 ) 
Accession Number:  NP_002629.1
Species:  Human
Package Size:  20 µg / Vial   
Composition: 0.2 mg/ml, sterile-filtered, in 20 mM pH 8.0 Tris-HCl Buffer, with proprietary formulation of NaCl, KCl, EDTA, Sucrose, DTT and others.
Storage: In Liquid. Keep at -80°C for long term storage. Product is stable at 4 °C for at least 30 days.
Key Reference:

Zhang W,et al.Expression and Clinical Significance of Elafin in Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Inflamm. Bowel Dis. 23 (12), 2134-2141 (2017)

Han W, et al., Recombinant human elafin promotes alveologenesis in newborn mice exposed to chronic hyperoxia. Int. J. Biochem. Cell Biol. 92, 173-182 (2017)

Wang T, et al., Plasma Neutrophil Elastase and Elafin as Prognostic Biomarker for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: A Multicenter Survival and Longitudinal Prospective Observation Study. Shock 48 (2), 168-174 (2017)

Stalberg,C., et al., Anti-inflammatory Elafin in human fetal membranes
J Perinat Med 45 (2), 237-244 (2017)

  1. May be used for in vitro PI3 mediated elastase-specific inhibitor study for various cells in vitro using this recombinant PI3 protein either as soluble factor or as coating matrix protein.
  2. May be used for PI3 protein-protein interaction assay.
  3. Potential therapeutic protein, which might be used for up-regulating local immune defense as effector function of gamma/delta T cells.
  4. As native human PI3 immunogen for specific antibody production.
Quality Control: Purity: > 90% by SDS-PAGE.
Recombinant Protein Sequence:


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