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PRP-2013 Recombinant Prohevein Protein $300

Recombinant Prohevein Protein

Product Name: Recombinant Prohevein Protein
Catalog #:  PRP-2013
Manufacture:  LD Biopharma, Inc.

PROHEVIEN gene encodes a protein which is the major soy allergen for patients allergic to para rubber tree products.

Full-length PROHEVEIN (186aa) was constructed by codon-optimization gene synthesis technology with 29 aa N-terminal T7 / His / TEV cleavage site Tag. This gene was expressed in E.coli as inclusion bodies. The final product was refolded using our unique “temperature shift inclusion body refolding” technology and chromatographically purified.

Gene Symbol:  PROHEVEIN 
Accession Number:  O49860
Species:  Glycine max (Soybean)
Package Size:  50 µg / Vial   
Composition: 1.0 mg/ml, sterile-filtered, in 20 mM pH 8.0 Tris-HCl Buffer, with proprietary formulation of NaCl, KCl, EDTA, Sucrose and DTT.
Storage: In Liquid. Keep at -80°C for long term storage. Product is stable at 4 °C for at least 30 days.
Key Reference: Rozynek P., et al., "Cloning, expression and characterization of the major latex allergen prohevein"; Clin. Exp. Allergy 28(11):1418-1426. (1998).

1. May be used as “ research ” reagent for allergic detection assay development.

2. As a native extracellular domain, may be used as immunogen for specific antibody production.

Quality Control: Purity: > 90% by SDS-PAGE.
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